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Product Description : Silicone insulated nature resistant matte finish water based exterior paint.
Filling and Packaging Information : 20 Kg,  PP Bucket
Application Area : All types of concrete, plaster and mineral surfaces used for decorative purposes.
Dilution : 20% is refined with clean water.
Application : Scraping on the surface before applying the process. If you have loose surging and places will be cleared. The surface should be primed to repair cracks and damaged parts of the surface. + 5 C of the application must be made. After 24 hours after the final coat of priming process is being implemented. The last coat of paint with the brush and roll should be implemented as two-fold.
Consumption : According to the State of two-floor surface area 180ml/169-paintable.
Storage : In terms of protection from Frost and direct sunlight in unopened: 2 years.
DANGER AND SECURITY APPLICATIONS S2 keep out of reach of children.
S24/25 avoid eye and skin.
S26 in case of contact with eyes wash with plenty of water and consult a doctor immediately.
S28, wash them thoroughly with water immediately and in contact with skin.
S29 do not empty into drains in the sewer.
S46 if swallowed, seek medical advice immediately show the label.